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About our Mindfulness for Stress Reduction courses and classes

We offer live online weekly group classes and individual events with a certified MBSR teacher. The courses focus on accessible practice and personal learning for daily life.

I got so much from this. It was such a special course for me. I’ve always been interested in mindfulness and sometimes used an app on my phone. But having a specific course and some proper time with a wonderful teacher allowed me to go much deeper. Robin, 2021

The MBSR online course covers the same content as the in-person programme, with the chance to explore how you respond to stress, in order to create new and different ways of responding to what’s most challenging for you. 

Our teacher’s training in online delivery ensures we offer the same level of engagement as in person. Through the online setting you will experience a sense of genuine community and connection, while respecting privacy and individual needs.

The course is progressive and covers new topics each week. We ask you to commit to the full 8-week program in order to get the maximum benefit for your wellbeing. 

The course consists of:

  • individual pre-course discussion and ongoing support from your teacher
  • 8 weekly group sessions of 2 hours 
  • An orientation session of 1 – 1.5 hours 
  • An additional extended practice day session between Weeks 6 and 7
  • Weekly home practice guidance
  • Workbook notes and resources

Upcoming Events

Weekly course sessions include:

• Introduction to different aspects of mindfulness practice
• Guided meditations and informal activities to support learning
• Individual inquiry and group discussion, including online breakout rooms
• Exploring evidence-based research on how mindfulness works
• Developing strategies for integrating mindfulness into daily life
• Opportunities for informal questioning and discussion

Enrolment on the MBSR Course

For more information, or to enquire about enrolment, please submit your details via the Contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!


All information and discussions are bound by the strictest professional confidentiality. All teaching is conducted under supervision via the Mindfulness Network.

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The 8-week MBSR online course covers the same content as the live program…


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