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Mindful Knowhow | Mindfulness for Stress Reduction courses

Mindful Knowhow offers small group Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs and follow ups. Learn mindfulness practices online with our certified MBSR teacher.

Mindful Knowhow is a site for mindfulness and meditation practice taught online by Rosie Harris, a certified mindfulness teacher and highly experienced group facilitator.

Mindfulness practice has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. You learn to pay attention with compassion to your own experience. Mindful awareness can help you feel more present and alive in each moment. Regular mindfulness practice can offer greater peace of mind in your daily life. 

In mindfulness you begin to meet what’s really going on for you. You learn to attend to your own experience the way you’d listen to a close friend. Being mindful brings a clearer understanding of your own needs and actions. With guidance and support you connect with body, mind and heart.

The Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Course was developed by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts in 1979. The phenomenal global expansion in mindfulness has grown from this original course. This 8-week course is evidenced-based and secular. 

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The 8-week MBSR online course can help you learn to:

• alleviate stress
• meet difficult feelings with compassion for yourself and others
• better handle challenges
• be more open to positives that arise

About Mindful Knowhow

At Mindful Knowhow we teach the MBSR 8-week curriculum as pioneered at U Mass…

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The 8-week MBSR online course covers the same content as the live program…


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Rosie Harris is a certified Teacher in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction…